Crop Alan Smaller

Human Alan

Biographical Info
Gender Male
Classification Human (Formerly)
Demon (Dullahan)
Professional Info
Affiliation Aur's Party
Alan's Party (Formerly)
Media Info
Manga Debut Chapter 8
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Alan is a hero whose party attacked Aur's dungeon. He was, however, defeated then turned into Aur's Dullahan shortly after witnessing his party confessing their loyalty towards Aur.





Along with his party, Alan invaded Aur's dungeon and managed to defeat a few of Aur's henchmen, including Minotaur. Alan, however, was ultimately defeated when Aur showed himself. Later, all of his party members were imprisoned. When Aur tricked Nadja, Aur disguised himself as Alan. After being held captive for days, Aur visited Alan. Aur revealed that he has conquered Leona Jarvis (Nadja) and Shirley Sutherland (Sharl) into becoming his underlings. Despite this, Aur stated that the last member of his party, Wikia, has yet to be defeated nor revealed her true name. However, Wikia stated that she is now served as Aur's underling, referring to him as "master", while showing a series of magic seals and revealing her true name: Victor Quia Victima. Aur then raped Wikia while Alan desperately watched them. Alan, ultimately, was beheaded by Aur and turned into a Dullahan.