Biographical Info
Gender Male
Classification Human
Professional Info
Occupation Guard
Affiliation Figuria
Media Info
Lignt Novel Debut Chapter 9, Part 1
Manga Debut Chapter 7
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Jake is a watchtower guard of Figuria.


Shown to be a watchtower guard, he and his buddy Mack enjoyed playing light-hearted poker to pass the time all the while wishing for the peaceful days to continue.


A man in his 30's, Jake spots a small amount of beard on his chin. He has medium, light-colored hair with his bangs parted to the left.


As a former adventurer, he has a sharp intuition. He is a generally peaceful individual, wishing for the calm days to continue forever more just prior to the Aur's invasion.


Jake is the first to notice about Aur's intention of invading Figuria. He reads a letter sent by Aur's underlings, the imps.